Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Pain with PRP Injections

Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Pain with PRP Injections

Chronic pain (pain that lasts three or more months) affects over 20% of adults in the United States, and it’s one of the most common reasons people go to doctors and specialists. 

Unfortunately, chronic pain is hardly ever only a physical health problem. Many with chronic pain also live with emotional, social, and even financial health burdens. 

All of these hardships are exacerbated when you can’t find an effective pain-relief solution. Some of our patients have spent months, if not years, searching for the answer to their daily pain. 

That’s why Dr. David Wu and our team at CurePain are so proud to offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections.

PRP offers genuine, lasting pain relief to patients who’ve tried everything under the sun. Here’s a closer look at how it works and can benefit you. 

Behind the scenes of PRP

PRP is a blood product containing high concentrations of platelets. Platelets are blood components that aid in injury recovery and cell regeneration. 

All we need to create PRP is a sample of your blood. We place that sample in a centrifuge machine, which spins it and extracts PRP from the rest of your blood. 

Then, we inject PRP into the painful areas of your body to kick-start healing and help you start feeling better. 

Here are a few of the key benefits of PRP and why our patients keep requesting it. 

PRP is all-natural

PRP doesn’t address your pain with medication. Instead, it facilitates the processes your body already knows how to do. With PRP in the mix, your body reboots its healing process, gradually reducing your pain. 

PRP reduces inflammation

Where there’s chronic pain, there’s usually inflammation. In the short term, inflammation is a healthy reaction that alerts your body to damage, injury, and illness. However, inflammation that doesn’t subside exacerbates pain and holds up the healing process. 

When PRP arrives on the scene, the platelets act as anti-inflammatory meditators to reduce inflammation and ultimately relieve pain. 

PRP offers long-lasting pain

Other injectable treatments, like epidurals and corticosteroid injections, are excellent for fast-acting pain relief, but they’re not meant to last. And overusing them can lead to permanent tissue damage. 

PRP, on the other hand, offers long-term pain relief via accelerated healing without the potential for damage. 

PRP injections are quick

You don’t have to go very far to get PRP — we perform the injections right here in our office. Bonus: Preparing and injecting only takes a few minutes. You may need to see us for a series of treatments to get the best results, but rest assured, you won’t have to carve out large chunks of your daily routine to reap all that PRP has to offer. 

PRP has quickly gained popularity among chronic pain sufferers, but we understand if you still have questions and even some concerns. If you’d like more information and want to see if you’re a candidate for PRP, don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff or use our online booking tool to schedule a consultation at our Torrance, California, office today.

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